New from Conrad-Johnson

After 30 years of dancing in high-end audio, I only met Lew Johnson when I was working on my recent Magnepan .7 review (August 2015), and now, at CES 2016, I finally met Bill Conrad. Worse yet, after 40 years of knowing about them, I have never used, reviewed, or owned a Conrad-Johnson product. I am hoping that will change before the Summer Solstice.

I really enjoyed talking with Bill Johnson: he has a head full of tube and transistor knowledge that I can't wait to tap into. We talked for about 30-minutes, but it was enough to know I was completely enamored with the new Conrad Johnson CA150 integrated amp ($5000, or $7000 for the "ST" version with better parts) and the so-right sounding TEA 2 Triode Equalization Amplifier (aka RIAA phono stage) which costs $3300 stock, or $4500 with Teflon caps.

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Integrated amps, longed derided by audio purists, are everywhere, even made by Conrad Johnson, a sign of reduced expectations and capitulation to mediocrity.