New, Compact, and Classic from Luxman: NeoClassico SQ-N150 Integrated Amplifier and D-N150 CD Player

If you're after an elegant classic look and a compact form factor, you'd be hard-pressed to do much better than the Luxman NeoClassic series, including the SQ-N150 integrated amplifier ($2795) and the D-N150 CD player ($2595). Both are new, and both are now shipping.

The SQ-N150 utilizes four EL84 tubes and 2 ECC83 tubes, all from JJ Electronics. It's a 10W push-pull design with three line inputs, plus an input into a MM/MC phono stage. It has a headphone output, and it utilizes a standard Luxman remote control, either the one included with the D-N150 CD player or the optional RA-25.

The D-N150 features Luxman's own transport mechanism. Digital outputs and inputs add versatility. A remote control is included.

These new components were on static display, but in the neighboring room of the Luxman suite, fine sounds were emerging from the Triangle Magellan Cello loudspeakers ($13,000/pair) via Luxman's L-509x integrated amplifier ($9495) and the E-250 phono stage.

The source was the new PD-151 turntable, which comes with a custom tonearm from Jelco for $3895. An Ortofon MC Cadenza Red ($1300) was mounted. I didn't hear it, but also in the system was the Melco N1ZH60/2 Music Server, which has dual power supplies and comes with 6TB of music storage. Cabling was from Luxman.

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Of course there are Cages not in the photos ( for some reason ), who the hell would buy tube gear without cages?

Luxman vs. Accuphase ( never with Glass Tubes but nice looking & Pricy ++).

Luxman does tubes

Can it keep up with the Schiit Valhalla 2 ???

and pondering... Luxman the Schiit of Japan? or vice versa ?

Tony in Michigan

ps. it'd be nice if Schiit would put our Power Switches "Up-Front" where they belong. for gods sake!! ( the things we Audiophiles put up with )

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Not a great comparison. Luxman is more like Macintosh of Japan albeit with much more finesse and less brute strength. Their best amps are Class A based and they pride themselves on exquisite workmanship, a warm but incisive sonic profile. That little EL-84 based amp has been around for close to 10 years in one incarnation or another. Schiit stuff is a different class of equipment and from what I've read (not heard) a different sonic character than Luxman.

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Luxman is Beautiful Gear !! Accuphase is also Beautiful Gear.

The Schiit gear is way better than it's Price Level. I've owned Schiit stuff. Schiit is typically Class A with remarkable build quality, long warrantee and "At the Factory" service.

I've owned scads of HighEnd Gear. I own Schiit headphone amps for their beautiful "Singing Voice" performance. ( and they're nearly free by comparison ). My Valhalla 2 is the most beautiful sounding PreAmp I've ever owned. ( with $500 in Russian Glass )

I'm not a qualified reviewer so I shouldn't try to compare various Gear's performance.

The little integrated Luxman seems darn nice, Luxman always seems to turn out nice things and they can roll tubes with the best of em.

I wish that I could own Luxman Gear.

Tony in Michigan

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but looks nice without, don't you think?
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I would want those Cages, are they optional ?

Yet, I've come to like the Tube Rolling ease that No-Cages allows.

Luxman has been nice gear for the tweaky Audiophile niche group, an attractive complimentary Product Line for the Audio Research/Magnepan Dealer offering beautiful packaging and ergonometrics.

Luxman survived and is at Shows. Seeing them makes me feel like I too survived.

Seeing Luxman is a nice feeling.

Tony in Michigan

ps. this little cutie does Headphones too, which makes it seem like a beautiful Front Cover Review Stack ( am I hoping for too much ? )

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"It's a 10W push-pull design with three line inputs, plus an input into a MM/MC phono stage."

With 2 12AX7, you've got a line stage and a phase splitter for each channel. Where and how do they get an input for an MM/MC phono? Or is it just another line input that's labeled differently and requires an outboard phono stage?

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here's what the literature says: "Three Line Inputs, Phono Input with MM/MC Selection, ..."
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...I guess it's got a solid state phono stage? No way that number of tubes can perform all those functions.

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Good catch. I checked in with the company. The phono stage is transistor-based. Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
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....That makes sense.

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Luxman - Brooklyn Audio Inc. There you will find the cage photo.The grill is provided.

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The grill is provided.Luxman uk no nothing about this amp/cd as I have emailed them.

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Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III ...... 100 WPC ....... $3000 ....... Tube design ....... Provides phono input and headphone output :-) ........