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New comer with some questions


I just bought a Mini Theater System from PSB (with a Subseries 1 sub, 4 Alpha LR1 speakers and 1 CLR1 speaker) with a Sony STR-DA2400ES AV receiver.

When I look at the specification of my speakers, the impedance for the LR1 is 6 ohms nominal and 4 ohms minimum and for the CLR1 is 8 ohms nominal and 6 ohms minimum. On my AV receiver, I can choose either 8 or 4 ohms, but the configuration applies for all of my speakers at the same time.

I would like to know which configuration should I choose.

Thank you

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Re: New comer with some questions


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Re: New comer with some questions

I'd agree with 8 but do not be afraid to try 4 and figure which sounds best in the real world.

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Re: New comer with some questions

The switch on the Sony is very likely there to limit current draw when the load impedance drops at the speaker end of the connection. If you play your system at high volume levels, then try the eight Ohm setting first. If the receiver shuts down at your desired listening levels, try the lower impedance setting. Otherwise, if you find no problems getting the system to a desirable level, use the higher setting on the Sony's switch. Speaker impedance is not fixed and as the PSB's specs indicate will be higher at some frequencies than others. If you are not hitting the receiver with a low impedance point that is beyond its limits, you should always opt for the highest current flow - the highest switch setting - possible. Allowing sufficient air flow around the receiver will also allow it to run cooler and thus allow for higher operating levels. Keep the receiver out where it can get some air flow around and through the chassis and this will help the system overall. Don't shove the receiver into a cabinet where air flow is restricted.

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