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New cables from Mark Levinson 336 to B&W N800

Hi, I am new to Stereophile forums, but about 20 years with this excellent publication. Maybe it is the time, after many years and component changes to replace the Kimber 8TC double runs (bi wire). My budget is max $2500. Any insights? I am looking for the most transparent and uncolored cable this money can get me. I am considering: Analysis plus big silver oval 9 (bi-wire,) Cardas Golden Reference (single), Kimber 30333 (s), Shunyata Research Andromeda (s), Synergistic Research B&W spec 8. Has any body experience with theses cables at analogous systems? Suggestions? It is extremely hard to test cables into my system, unless 2 - 3 of you come over to help with moving the amp! Thanks

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Re: New cables from Mark Levinson 336 to B&W N800

My best friend and mentor who got me started in this hobby 15 years ago spent $2.5K on Transparent speaker cables. A total waste, IMHO.

But I'm V budget limited, unlike my friend with his Brystons and Pro-Ject RPM-10! Might I suggest some options at 1/10 the $? If you don't like what you hear, you can resale at

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Re: New cables from Mark Levinson 336 to B&W N800

Changing speaker cables may sometimes give unexpected results. As you mentioned Kimber KS-3033, I use to compare them to KS-3038 & Model 88 (same length) and with some combinations amplifier/speakers I prefer the copper cable.
I've used Kimber for many years and it must be an excellent idea to produce the same cable with three different conductor alternatives.

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Re: New cables from Mark Levinson 336 to B&W N800

"But is it truly necessary for anyone to have to spend $5K on .5 meter interconnects?"

No, the Grover ICs are a true bargain that sounds excellent. I think one meter is around $150.00.

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Re: New cables from Mark Levinson 336 to B&W N800

Swapping cables can be like chasing your tail around. They do impart a different sound and are very system dependant.

I've not tried the Shunyata cables, but would if I had deep pockets and was inclined to spend silly money on wire.

I have tried the Kimber 8TC and a host of other low to moderately priced stuff and liked various combinations that addressed specific gear combinations and so I've concluded that cable changes aren't any different than component changes. Just as we all have preferences in gear combinations, so it will likely be with cable combinations and so the "try before you buy" advice is prudent.

The problem with cable auditions isn't so much the willingness of a dealer to let you take them home for a spin, but that it takes a very long time for some cables to settle in and sound like they are supposed to sound. You really can't just swap them in and out over a few days and get acclamated to the subtle changes to determine their worth to you.

In general, there is a house sound with the main players in the cable business, though not to the degree that you usually find in components. As you step up to the pricier cables, you usually start hearing more of what your component characteristics actually impart on the sound. This can be a good thing or a bad thing and can lead to a vicious circle of trying to tune the system through gear swapping and cable changes. Not that I've ever done this sort of thing...heh!

If I were to venture into this sort of thing with serious money at stake, I would be very interested in the advice from my speaker and amplifier manufacturers...along with the thoughts of my dealer.

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