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-- new to Bluetooth

A few simple questions ?

Bluetooth to my knowledge is a reserved set of frequencies for wireless short range communication.(radio waves)

What is baffling is all the stuff that advertises BLUETOOTH enabled but the only thing it would do is play whats on your phone. (with your phone producing a bluetooth signal) Portable radios, etc. Bluetooth enabled !!! All they do is re-play your phone...Everything just seems to be a bluetooth receiver. Bluetooth Speakers. Play a Bluetooth signal it picks up.

A radio that via bluetooth you could change channels and volume, etc.etc. BUT NO. Car Radios I can see a danger of people using bluetooth earphones while driving...but....

Most all portable radios have an earphone jack. Is there a bluetooth transmitter you could plug in there to extend your listening options ?

The other BIG question has anybody see a bluetooth transmitter that uses a common battery vs. something unique from the manufacturer ? Rechargeable AA-AAA-C-D batteries are common. Even Lithium ones.

For cameras even though they make it difficult I insist on buying one that can use rechargeable AAA-AA (etc.) batteries. I get hundreds of recharges on one set of batteries vs. some unique size/voltage from the manufacturer.

A Bluetooth Transmitter that uses common batteries and can plug into an earphone jack ?

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