New Arrivals at the Princeton Record Exchange


Sadly, I won't be able to get down to Princeton any time soon, but, if you're interested in 20th Century classical, experimental, avant-garde, drone, minimal synth, noise, and Fluxus-related stuff, now's the time to visit the Princeton Record Exchange!

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Stephen, come on, your a phile now. You gotta rep to uphold. Get straight my man.

"sadly I won't be able to get down to Princeton" What in the hell are you talking about, it is Jersey for God's sake.  This collection SCREAMS for you get your hands on it. How are you able to resist perusing this collection?

As Sam would say:  Hie thee to Princeton youngster!!!!


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Thanks for the plug Stephen.  We know it's hard for you city folks to get to the sticks :) but appreciate you spreading the word about this unique collection.

Hope you get a chance to visit us soon.


Jon Lambert
General Manager
Princeton Record Exchange




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I made it to the record Exchange on Sunday.  When I got this video in my E-Mail I was freaking out!  I picked up besides about 5 or 6 Stockhausen titles a sloo of CRI Recordings and various other weirdness.  I ended up spending $260.00!  That's my all time best for the exchange.  I didn't even stop at the Brewery.  I went straight home to the turntable.  There still great stuff left but I suspect I'll be getting there again in a cople weeks to see what else I can grab.  So far everything is so clean as usual for the Princeton Record Exchange.


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 I ended up spending $260.00!

Excellent!! But you didn't stop at Triumph? What the?