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Networking Tip

I would strongly urge people looking at Network based storage to seriously consider power line networking rather than wireless or cable. Kit is available from Zyxel, Netgear and others. Very very easy to use:

Plug one adaptor into mains socket next to 'Hi-Fi PC' and link the two by regular network cable. Plug second adaptor into mains socket next to Network storage and again link the two by regular network cable. Turn on both machines. Done. I have done this in my house and full speed networking with no droputs like I used to have with wireless. Here is a link to Zyxel's site. I only like to them as it is easy to understand and I happen to own their kit and am very pleased with it. Was the easiest 'computer install' I have ever done.


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Re: Networking Tip

My major concern would be that it would add noise on the line which would reduce the sound quality of the system. Also wouldn't those modules need to be plugged straight into the wall, thus allowing a back door for surges to sneak into the audio system?

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