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Todd L Hofer
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needing advise adding Bluetooth to Vintage receiver

This is my first time joining a form looking for help or advise. I currently have a vintage Yamaha receiver and turntable. If possible I'd like to have my system be able to play over Bluetooth speakers. Obviously the receiver is not equipped due to it's age. I did purchase the IFI ZEN Blue transmitter/receiver but have not been successful connecting it to the JBL Charge 4 speakers that I already had. If anyone can explain to me if it's even possible to do what I'm trying to accomplish here and if it If I need to get different speakers, different Bluetooth transmitter to pull this off whatever it requires to do so. . Don't care about playing itunes or Spotify mainly the vinyl through Bluetooth/wireless speakers. I'm not terribly tech-savvy so if you think you can advise me what I can/should do here please keep it on the "easy to understand side" if you can. I'm anxious to hear back from anyone that has pulled this off. Thanks much!

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Whilst I can't offer you any

Whilst I can't offer you any exact brands to look for, the short answer to 'is this possible' is YES - absolutely possible. Personally, I would by-pass the amplifier itself and I would hook the turntable RCA outputs to an external phono preamp. I would then hook the outputs of that to a Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to my wireless speakers. You could use a source switcher and have the turntable hooked up to your amp and preamp at the same time, just switching between as desired.

I believe there are transmitters which can handle speaker level outputs and transmit them but I would go with the method above if it were my system.

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