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Need some advice

Hello there:

Right now I'm planning to buy a new Pioneer Elite VSX-81TXV
7.1 THX select2 certified receiver.

I alredy own a 7.1 speaker set, here is my speaker set description:

-Infinity SM-Video for center channel
-2 x Infinity SM-185 for main speakers
-4 x Infinity SM-165 for surround channels

I've read a lot about the importance of using the adequate speakers for the receiver class, that's why I have a concern, is this receiver too much for my speaker set??, do you think I should buy better speakers to really apreciate the benefits of this receiver??

Thank you, and my regards to you.

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Re: Need some advice

All you need is a sub and your all set. Those audio output devices are just fine with that receiver. Speaker placement is important, but the receiver will do alot to equalize things.

Think about an Infinity PS-10.

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