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Need recommendation of 2.1 setup for DJ audio listening


Seeking direction from the audiophile/pro-audio experts, or anyone with experience on 2.1 speaker setups.

There is too much stuff out there to try and research everything, so I am sincerely asking if anyone has tried and experienced an amazing 2.1 audio speaker setup that I can just purchase without needing to worry about sound quality issues and avoiding mostly, an un-configurable preset-DSP variation speaker profile.

Why I am upgrading: Just need to better elevate to some, slight extra level of clarity and sound quality without compromising true sound to ear, but still remain audibly amazing, and decently priced.

= = =

Requested Pricing: Under $1,000, preferably $500

Replacing current speaker setup: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX [3.5mm] ($100)
-Keeping everything except for the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX speakers

Equipment: Windows pre-Win10 legacy laptops > USB DAC - DragonFly Cobalt + Jitterbug [3.5mm out] > ZMX 122FX mixer > TRS-1/4" output > 2.1 speakers

= = =

=What is the use?
-Primary Use #1: Listening to music from All genre's, any file type
-Primary Use #2: DJ event mixing, various and all file types
-Other Uses: Some film watching and listening to audio courses

=Requested Requirements:
-Need a higher quality 2.1 setup to simulate live environments to other DJ performances
-No strong pre-applied EQ-DSP that distorts audio listening
-Does not need Bluetooth, and won't use it if product comes with it
-TRS or RCA input is fine, but can work with 3.5mm
-Book shelf speakers are fine, with sub
-Prefer plug-and play- No overly complex calibration(s) needed; ready to go - out of box; tweak set volume, etc. and speaker unit placements only

-EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 > can't disable EQ DSP (it's preset, returned it)
-USB DAC - Onyx ($200) > DragonFly series are far more balanced with all audio types and different speaker setups, and Onyx is stuck on Win10 only
-Own V-Moda headphones, but used rarely, only when needing to listen to some difficult-to mix-samples, or when mixing tracks at events/performances


--> Thanks in advance, please just post what you like and have seen, and recommendations of any kind.
Any input of thoughts and advice, will help me tremendously!

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