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Need new Amp for my new B&W603 AE

I am new in the stereo Amps.
I was considering NAD c388 or Denon pma-1600ne, but I think they have gain age.(maybe I am wrong ?)

Looking forward for your recommendations, around 1500-1800 USD.

Thank you

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Need new Amp for my new B&W603 AE

I have a $6,000 Bryston amp and a $400 Emotiva. I prefer the Emotiva.

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NAD c388, Denon pma1600 or Outlaw rr2160 mkii?

Narrowed down my selection to: a c388+bluesound 2i, pma 1600+DNP 800np or Outlaw rr2160 mkii. I'm driving a pair of KLH Model 5s. The Denon pma 1600 sounds great! Haven't been able to audition c388 or Outlaw. Streamer option is a factor. Open to other options as well under $2K. Thx for your valuable input!

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