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Need Help With Sub Selection (Paradigm)

Here is what I have going on...

I currently have

Marantz ZR6001 - Amp
Paradigm Monitor 7 - Front
Paradigm Monitor CC390 - Center
Paradigm Monitor ADP390 - Surrounds

My question is what sub should I buy for this system? I was thinking about getting that Paradigm Ultracube10 but I don't want to pay that much for a sub. I am thinking of getting the Paradigm PS1200 but I dont want killer bass where that is all that I hear from my system. I want it to be level bass with the rest of my speakers. I only want to get a Paradigm sub but I just need a little help *confused* should I get a 12" (PS1200) or 10" (PS1000).

Please give me some input on this situation, thx.

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Re: Need Help With Sub Selection (Paradigm)

Just a quick search on the Paradigm PS-1200 reveals that many of the hits are about problems with this particular unit. For the same price you could get a SVS PB12-Plus/2 which is very musical, matches well with most speaker systems and can be adjusted to levels of your liking.

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