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Need Help on McIntosh Configurations

My father died in May and I just received all of his McIntosh audio equipment. I never had anything this nice before of my own. I always had one piece stereo systems out-of-the-box, so this is the first time with high end stuff. My dad seemed to be upgrading, because some of the units he had appear to perform the same function.

I will list what I have and then ask two questions hoping someone here can answer. Any help would be appreciated.

1. Mac 4300V Receiver
2. MR 78 FM Tuner
3. MA 6900 Integrated Amp
4. Mc7270 power stereo Amp
5. SL-6 Speakers
6. XR 250 Loud Speaker
7. C34V Audio Video Control Center

Now, as I see it, I should build my best stereo system around the MA 6900 Integrated Amp. I plan to use the SL-6 speakers with that and then just hook up my own turntable, cd player and casette deck to that. Does that make sense?

I consider the other pieces "leftovers" to put in the bedrooms as secondary stereo systems. I am going to put the MC7270 power amp (which weighs a ton!) together with the FM tuner, Audio Video Control Center (which I think is what they call a "preamplifier") and XR250 speakers in one bedroom.

Then, I was going to hook the Mac4300V receiver up to my tv with another set of my own speakers for surround sound. Does this sound reasonable?

Can the Mac4300V Receiver power speakers itself or does it need to be hooked up to some kind of amplifier device?

I'm a novice at this and I've ordered Home Theater for Dummies from Amazon, but the more I read the more confused I get. So, any info you give me would be SO welcome. Thanks

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Re: Need Help on McIntosh Configurations

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Perhaps some time on the McIntosh site can yield some answers. McIntosh, like many manufacturers, have an extensive online library of literature (brochues, manuals, etc.).

Also, it might be advantageous to also order "The Complete Guide to High End Audio" by Robert Harley.

Good luck and... welcome to the world of hi-fi audio.

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