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Last seen: 2 years 5 months ago
Joined: Jun 14 2020 - 2:45pm
Need help ID-ing these speakers!

Could anyone help me identify what speakers these are ( I got them as a gift and there doesn't seem to be any label or logo. Not sure if they're passive/active, and if passive what specs they need in an amplifier. Any idea how I could figure out how to get them set up? Would really appreciate it!

Old Audiophile
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Very Interesting!

Those are interesting looking speakers! I assume they pare passive. If they were active speakers they'd have a power cord hook-up on the back, I should think. I gather the person who gifted them to you didn't know what they were either? Those look like gigantic woofers. Can't say, for sure, but they kinda look like some old, very old, Pioneer speakers. Maybe home-made jobbies? You might want to try taking your photos to local stereo shops, looking for the salesperson who looks like they've been in the business the longest and ask him/her. You might try posting on Audiogon, as well. Depending upon how crazy you want to get, you could try unscrewing one of the round speaker terminal cups on the back and looking around in there. There might be a brand name that could shed some light on your quest. When/if you actually do find out what they are, please update your post. You've got me curious now!

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