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need help: full system

Hi all, hope you can help...

Im trying to put together a system on a budget (around $1000) with resonable sound, but im a complete novice!
Ive considered a denon system / NAD (L40?) / harmon kardon ds 200 ... etc
Ideally I want something with floor standing speakers, and a decent reciever. Ive loads cd's and even more digital music (not lossless) which i want to try to utilise. My computer is in my medium sized lounge near to where i want the system so maybe i could use an turtle beach audiotron / squeese box or get a soundcard with spdif output for the digital music? Is there anything much i could plug my ipod into for this price and get a display of the music on the unit? (ie not analog connection)

thanks all, any sugestions welcome - speakers / recivers ...

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Re: need help: full system

One kilo-dollar, eh?

OPPO DV-970HD - plays CD, SACD, and DVD audio. Does video, too: 149.00

Audio Engine 5 powered speakers. I've heard them and they sound pretty good: 350.00

The Audio Engines handle two, you could connect the CD player and run your iPod through your computer.

It comes with interconnects, I think.

So, that leaves 500.00 for that sound card stuff for your iPod and computer sound sources. Or, you could just start with your current sound card and see how it sounds. It may surprise you.

I've even heard the Audio Engines outdoors, and they could play a tune!

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Re: need help: full system

Your best bet is the used market.

Here are some ideas:


CD Player

integrated amp:

That totals about a grand. Be sure to invest some money for interconnects, speaker cables and other ancilliaries.

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