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Need help finding proper AMP for Neumi BS5 speakers

I am new to the audio game. I just got my Neumi BS5 speakers but did not realize they don't come with wire and require an amp to use...oops.

These speakers are 6 ohm and rated for 15-100W. Now my understanding is that it would be best to have an amp that can pump out 150w (50% more than your speakers is recommended?) to both channels. Do I really need 100+ W PER channel? Also for example, do I need to find a 2 channel amp with 300W power or 150W power? It looks like i'm going to need to spend double the price of the speakers to even get an amp that can safely work with them. Is there a budget option for such a configuration that isn't cheap china crap like Fosi? Amazon seems to have nothing. Best buy sells mostly cheap china crap.

Where can I look to find an amp that can satisfy my speaker's power demands for sub $200?

Also any recommendations on some speaker wire for these speakers?

This is one i found that i thought may work but it seems the power supply sucks?


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