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Need help finding info on these triampable speakers

Hi all, My first post here!

I am after some info on a set of speakers I have.
I have received some info from Japan but the only info they could find was on micro film in there database and was a spec sheet.
I am looking for any reviews or old ads or any sales info. ( if they were ever offered for sale. )
They are labeled Toshiba. ( I can here you all laughing! ) but they are nothing like the Toshiba we know today.. These were built in Japan in 1972.
here are some specs

Model SS-51
Enclosure system : 4 way complete closed type
Loudspeaker components : 15" free edge high compliance woofer. 10-5/8" x 3-3/4" horn type squawker.
2-1/2" horn type tweeter. 1-1/2" horn type super tweeter.
input allowable : rated input; 30 watts
Max input allowable; 60 watts
Voice coil impedance : 8 ohms
Frequency range : 20~40,000 Hz
Output sound pressure level : 100.5 dB/W/50cm (19.5")
Crossover frequency : 700 Hz, 5,000 Hz, 9,000 Hz
Dimensions : approx 22"(w) x 37"(h) x 17"(d)
net weight : 110 lbs

I have scans of the spec sheet and pictures of the speakers on my site ( )

Here is a link to the page

I have been looking for information on them for years but have not been able to find anything else about them. I hope someone here can help!
Any information would be great.

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