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Need Help with Computer Audio (Hardware Problem? Software Problem?)

Hello Everyone,
I'm attempting to use a Lenovo desktop (Windows 7) to do a couple of simple things.
The first issue involves those Facebook Messenger "One-Minute" voice clips. Now, this feature is probably meant to be used with a smart phone. Mine is broken, so I plugged a junky, thrift-store microphone into a DJ mixer board, and that thing plugged into the line-level audio input on the Lenovo. I run an app that allows Android apps to be run under Windows. It takes a minute or two to load and it's a terrible memory hog, but it works! The person at the other end said that my "One-Minute" voice clips came through loud and clear. Problem is, I can't hear her voice clips (or mine), unless I play them back as a separate action. It would be nice to hear in my headphones anything I click on. Seems to me, this requires some kind of two-way audio. Can a Lenovo do that?

Here's the second issue (a more serious task): I've dabbled with multi-track recording apps, but I just can't seem to configure the inputs and outputs. Again, I'm thinking that hearing what's playing on one track and what's being recorded on another track requires some kind of a two-way audio capability. I thought that adding one of those line-level audio-to-USB adapters would create a new audio pathway that would bypass the internal sound circuit on the computer motherboard. I couldn't get that to work either. One or the other--but not both.

Am I trying to do something that cannot be done? Is this computer just not designed to do what I'm trying to do? Is it a software configuration issue? Is there something I need to buy and add on? I'm not against buying something; I just don't want to start throwing money at it and hope the problem gets solved. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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