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Need help with choosing Speakers

I was moving in the direction of B&W 703 - and suddenly screeched to a halt! Reexamining my choices:
B&W 703 (not finding a suitable and highly recommended Center match so far)
JM Lab 926 or 936 (there a couple)
Dynaudio S3.4
Dali Halicon 400 (C200 for center)
Paradigm S6 or Studio 100

I like the look of Dali and Paradigm, heard Studio 100 and B&W 704. Having a chance to audition these side by side is close to improbable, even finding a dealer who carries all these is a challenge. But having educated feedback from this forum is a realistic expectation. Can we compare these in pairs (such as Dali vs 703 or Paradigm vs Dynaaudio etc) to short list it to only two final ones to select from? Please help me folks, I am feeling like lost in a jungle at this point! Can sure use some friendly advice/comments...
I will drive these speakers with a modest Pioneer Elite vsx52TX connected to Sunfire TGA5200 Amp and a SVS PB12 Sub.
Will use 75% for HT and 25% for Music (I understand that might make a difference in suitability of speakers, but not so sure)

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Re: Need help with choosing Speakers

What did you like and dislike about the 100 and 704? You don't need side-by-side, just tell us which of those your prefer and why. At least a couple of those have been reviewed in Stereophile. Have you read all the reviews?

Just some thought about what might help us get started.


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