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need advice: tweak or buy new?
Jeff Wong
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Ellie - It could be as simple as something called a ground loop. This has to do with the ground having more than 1 path to earth. You might try connecting the ground wire from the turntable to some different components to see if you can eliminate the hum.

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I agree with Wong,also,if none of the above works,try disconnecting the ground from the turntable completely.

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Question? Did this just start up with no changes in connections or cables?
I tried upgrading to a different cable to my preamp, and the floating ground scheme of the cables caused a hum; the design was not compatible. The cable must have a sheild ground from one end to the other, terminated at both ends; CD players or tuners may not need this. Any New cables?
Also, most turntables require a separate ground wire from the turntable chassis to a grounded screw on the receiver or amplifier or preamp. There is usually a ground stud with a thumb nut for this purpose on the turntable chassis.
If all these things are in order, the problem could be a broken ground wire or bad connection in the turntable arm or the connections within the turntable base.
These are all repairable by a technician; find a good audio repair place and get it fixed.

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