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Need Advice for a new system

Hello all,

I would like to buy a new system for my living room. I currently use a pair of old Energy C-5 with a Sonos Connect Amp (in my bedroom) but I would love to get something better.

I only need to stream music (no turntable nor CD), so this are my candidates:

1. Speakers: Monitor Audio Silver 300 (MA says that amp must be min. 80w)
2. Source: Cambridge Audio CXN v2

But I dont know about the amplifier, one candidate is the Cambridge AXR100 but I was also thinking in going a little bit more and getting the Cambridge 851W Power Amp as the CXN has pre-amp capabilities.

Another possibility is the Cambridge CXA81 but it is only 80w and I dont know if it will be able to properly drive the speakers considering they will be placed in a large room.

There are not a lot of hi-fi choices where I live. I could maybe get Revel speakers but I love the MA looks.

I cant go to a demo because all the said equipment must be imported.

What do you think?


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