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Need advice on compact options

I have had a set of GNP 220 loudspeakers (a step below the Valkyries, circa 1984 Pasadena) for 22 years and they still sound good to me. However, I'm married with children now and I need to do something non-floorstanding (bookshelf?). Can anyone recommend a great set of speakers that can be put up on shelves or wall space? My budget is around $1,000, but I can always save up if necessary to get something really good.

On a similar note, if it is not sacrilege to even ask the question, does anyone know of any portable stereos (aka boomboxes) that are not absolutely horrible in sound quality?

Thanks for any information. I read a few of the reviews on shelf speakers but it is hard to digest them all at once.

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Re: Need advice on compact options

B&W makes some great speakers below and above that price. The 705 are quite good and come in five different real wood finishes. They are a bit above your price range, but worth checking out.

Amphion makes a speaker called the Ion that might also be worth a listen. Paradigm also makes some very nice affordable speakers.

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