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Need advice on buying stereo system


I'm looking to buy a stereo system (will be mainly used for music and NOT home theater\cinema).
These are some sets I have listened to, and I am interesting in your opinion regarding the companies & models (if you had any experience with it).
The first 2 sets are brand new while the last 2 are used (i.e. from second hand or display).

1st set:

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Re: Need advice on buying stereo system

I'm really sold on the Cambridge Audio stuff for the price, but as mentioned you gotta let your ears tell you what is good. Given that, I like the Azurs you listened to but really like them through the Vandersteen 2Ce loudspeakers if you can get a listen of those too. If you go with the Cambridge Audio stuff, if at all possible check out the Azur 840C, outstanding!

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