A Neat and Attractive US-Made System

Rogers High Fidelity introduced their new 65Wpc 65V-1 integrated amplifier ($4000) as part of a neat system: Besides the EL34 stereo Rogers amp, the system included a pair of EgglestonWorks Niko Bookshelf speakers ($2500/pair), and a Detroit-manufactured Shinola Runwell turntable ($2500). Also featured were two made-in-Maine cables from Transparent Audio—their Link interconnect ($100/1m pair) and Wave speaker cable ($220/8' pair). These components weren't just made in the US, but beautifully made in the US. All combined, this system produced very pleasing sonics—and the Rogers integrated amplifier could be controlled from a Bluetooth-based iPhone app.

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I could happily live with this.

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if it's true they're getting 65Wpc with a single tube per channel.