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Lamont Sanford
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Nat King Cole At The Sands

I recently picked up a sealed LP titled, "Nat King Cole At The Sands"; Capital MAS 2434. I got it for less than $20. Though it is recorded in mono it was pressed in 1964 and recorded in 1960. It is actually a "command performance" recorded January 14, 1960 for selected guests from 2:30 - 5:00 am on that date. This LP is of great quality. The kind of quality you see with selected 180g releases being put out by specialty sources. I just love this LP. This is a wonderful album that comes highly recommended.

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Re: Nat King Cole At The Sands


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Re: Nat King Cole At The Sands

Great suggestion. He was an amazing performer, both vocally and as a pianist. I'll look for this one. Thanks.

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Re: Nat King Cole At The Sands

Great find!

I'd say that not only is it a fun disc, it's demo quality!

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Sands Hotel takes pleasure in presenting Mr. Nat "King" Cole...

Dance Ballerina dance...."


Back in the day, Genesis (the speaker company) used to demo their top of the line Infinity Reference rip off speakers by using that disc, on LP and CD, to demonstrate the "superiority" of vinyl.

I wonder how a demo like that would play out now with the recent advances in digital?

I'm gonna go play that disc, thank for the reminder!

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