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Naim cables vs. radio shack chez Dudley

(I posted this question earlier--did it get deleted for some reason???) How does it make sense to compare heavy-gauge Naim speaker wire to Radio Shack 16-gauge dinky-wire? Why not at least compare the Naim to zipcord of the same gauge. It's not too surprising that 16-gauge wire doesn't give you great sound...

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Re: Naim cables vs. radio shack chez Dudley

I was going to launch into a big explanation on cable design parameters, but... let's let this go. I was half way through typing it up and realized, dammit...I was saying too much.

On the other hand, here's something interesting:

Belkin has launched (about a year ago, maybe more) a loudspeaker cable product that is $50 (street price) for a 50 foot (or was that 25 foot, I can't remember) run of a PCOCC copper.

That's right, a six 9's purity (99.9999% pure copper) long grain 'ohno continuous cast copper' speaker wire.....for $50.

Awesome bargain.

oops..wait, wasn't Belden. I'll be back soon with the proper name. Fixed!

Do a web search for 'PCOCC' and 'Belkin', and a 100 sources or more will show up.

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Re: Naim cables vs. radio shack chez Dudley

I found the write up very interesting. I have a set of Tara Labs cables at least 15 years old that are little more than heavy gauge wire that I used for many years with a lot of joy. They simply sounded better the Monster cable heavy gauge wire I used with my video system. I have no idea why.

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Re: Naim cables vs. radio shack chez Dudley

Did anyone notice Art compared fully broken in Naim products to the Radio Shack stuff right out of the gate?

I checked a past interconnect review Art did and no break in time there, either.

I guess Art doesn't believe in cable break in time. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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