Naim and Dynaudio

ProMusica Audio Specialists of Chicago demmed a Naim/Dynaudio system that was initially hard to hear over all the shouting. When things settled down, I enjoyed the lovely warmth and excellent midrange on a bit of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra's recording of Schubert's Symphony 5. I also took note of the splashy top that was common to many rooms on the 12' high ceilinged 12th floor of the Westin.

Heard were Naim's NAP 500 amplifier with the 500 PS, NAL 252 preamplifier with 252 PS, NDS streamer with 555 PS, and UnitiServe-SSD. Speakers were the justly praised Dynaudio Confidence C4s. When we switched Naim electronics to the new, lower priced NaimUniti 2 all-in-one ($5000), the midrange was still impressive albeit not as full, and the sound a bit more screechy.

Audio nut's picture

The guy running this room was playing a recording I think he had made himself. It sounded very good. He also seeemed to have no problem playing the system at louder than normal levels.