NAD Masters Series M22 power amplifier Specifications

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Description: Two-channel, solid-state, class-D power amplifier. Inputs: 1 pair balanced (XLR), 1 pair single-ended (RCA). Outputs: 2 pairs multiway binding posts. Frequency response: 3Hz–30kHz, –3dB. Continuous output power at rated THD, 20Hz–20kHz, both channels driven: >250W (>24dBW, no load specified). IHF dynamic power: 355W into 8 ohms, 640W into 4 ohms, 620W into 2 ohms. Clipping power at 1kHz, 0.1% THD: >300W into 8 ohms (24.77dBW). Peak output current, 1 ohm, 1ms: >50 amps. Input sensitivity: 1.6V. Input impedance: 17k ohms + 200pF (RCA), 200k ohms + 100pF (XLR). Voltage gain: 29dB. THD+noise, 20Hz–20kHz: <0.003%. Signal/noise (A-weighted): >100dB (ref. 1W), >120dB (ref. rated power). Damping factor (8 ohms): >800 at 50Hz, 1kHz.
Dimensions: (including feet and connectors) 171/8" (435mm) W by 41/16" (103mm) H by 1415/16" (379mm) D. Weight: 19.6 lbs (8.9kg) net, 33.1 lbs (15kg) shipping.
Serial numbers of units reviewed; H47M220123, H48M2201286.
Price: $2999. Approximate number of dealers: 150. Warranty: 3 years.
Manufacturer: NAD Electronics International, 633 Granite Court, Pickering, Ontario L1W 3K1, Canada. Tel: (905) 831-6555. Fax: (905) 831-6936. Web:

NAD Electronics International
633 Granite Court
Pickering, Ontario L1W 3K1
(905) 831-6555

CharlieG's picture

...and I sent it back for a replacement. Maybe my finger didn't have the magic touch on that standby button either! But here's another easy fix: if your front end has a 12v trigger output, connecting it to the trigger input on the back of the M22 will also disable that pesky switch, and allow you to toggle the amp between on/standby by simply turning the front end on/off. Convenient!

Kal Rubinson's picture

That's an excellent idea.

My son-in-law is doing exactly that with his M27. Unfortunately, I cannot.

pablolie's picture

I agree on the touch button on the M22. Terrible idea. The delay means one pushes it repeatedly, and both the user and (seemingly) the M22 end up confused. I did connect the 12V but now in the end I have just left it in auto-standby mode. The M22 is very reliable in detecting music streams and it turns itself back on (with a 3 sec delay or so after it clicks), and why not save some power when (honestly) I can't tell a difference in sound between cold and "warm" state (you truly have to crank up the volume to feel something resembling truly warm temp).

Anyhow it is a phenomenal amp.

wannarock2's picture

i got the M22-V2 thanks to Kal’s review on this M22. thanks Kal.
the lively and exciting thing was the decider