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NAD Master Series M5 CD/SACD player...

Just looking for some feedback on this player. I can pick up & dealer demo (not in my area, so I haven't heard it) for a really good price. I also am looking at Marantz SA-15 & SA-11S2, Esoteric SA-10 & SA-60. The Marantz & Esoteric models are quite a bit more money than the NAD M5. I always wonder if the difference in price is justified?

Any feedback from NAD M5 owners would be great. And also any other recommendations on CD/SACD players you can throw out would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas & thanks

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Re: NAD Master Series M5 CD/SACD player...

Hi there,

I've listen Nad at my dealership and its decent machine for what you have to pay. However, I would recommend any Esoteric model over NAD. If money isn't objection then go ahead with Accuphase...Marantz is very good (I did have Marantz in past) but when compared to Esoteric in build quality and performance then Esoteric will put "cloud" over marantz. Yes some reference Marantz models have nice appearance/ design but ensure you'll try XLR (balanced) out on Esoteric and Marantz before you buy new machine

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