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NAD M5 - fully balanced?

How can you tell if equipment has "fully balanced circuitry" as opposed to "just" XLR outputs? I'd like to know if NAD's M5 is fully balanced. (It has XLR outputs). Also, can anyone comment--based on experience or word of mouth--on the NAD player? Thanks.

I am looking for a fully balanced SACD player for under $2,000.

Jan Vigne
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Re: NAD M5 - fully balanced?

You cannot tell anything by just looking. You should be able to ask the salesperson and get an honest answer but that might be asking too much in some cases. You should be able to ask NAD but they have been known to loose such calls. If you should find out the NAD is fully balanced from input to output, keep in mind all balanced circuits are not created, or built, equally. Just being fully balanced doesn't really guarantee anything other than the type of connector you will need to buy.

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