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NAD M10V2 - thoughts?

Hi all.

I'm an audiophile wanna-be. I have just picked up a pair of Studio Electric M4 bookshelf speakers. An under-the-radar boutique brand with great reviews.
Also getting a REL T/7X subwoofer.

I'm looking for an amp/streamer/DAC all in one. The 2 that stand out for me are the NAD M10 V2 and the Marantz 40n.

I'm leaning toward the M10V2 as it has Dirac Live, and I could use the services of Terry Ellis to calibrate the system remotely. It also has the ability to use as a 4.1 or 4.2 surround system. Not a deal breaker but a nice feature.

Does anyone here have experience using the M10V2? My main question is how does it perform at lower volumes? I will be listening late evenings as well and don't always want to have to crank up the volume to get a full sound.

Thanks in advance!

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