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Gokul Ramesh
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NAD Digital Music Suite vs Chord DAC 64 and Chord Prima Pre Amp

Hi all,

My name is Gokul Ramesh. I'm from India and am new to this wonderful stereoplie world and also to this forum, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes.

I've been doing some research with regards to buying my first proper "stereoplie grade" system, and came across a reveiw of the NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC by Mr. Jon Iverson. 

I really liked the product and its review and wanted to know some opinions on the issue that I'm facing.

I've chosen the KEF Reference 207/2 after reviewing a lot of floorstanders, and also like the Musical Fidelity KW 750R Power Amp.

The dealer here, suggests that I go with a Chord DAC 64 and a Chord Prima Pre Amp to complete the system. He also suggested me a Chord MX Streamer, as my main source of input would be my computer.

After reading thereview of the NAD M51, I dug deeper and read about the NAD Digital Music Suite and felt buying the above three Chord devices is a bit of an overkill, as just the NAD M51 does the job of the three put together.

Please suggest the better option of the two, as I'm really confused on this topic and would immensely appreciate your opinions. 

Option 1: KEF 207/2 + NAD Digital Music Suite + KW 750R.


Option 2: KEF 207/2 + Chord MX Streamer + Chord DAC 64 + Chord Prima Pre amp + KW 750R.

Also to be noted, I do not have any way possible to audition the NAD Digital Music Suite as there are no dealers in India, yet my dealer will be able to source the product.

More so, I find the Chord products a bit pricey in comparison. For insatnce, the market rate for the entire Masters Series Digital Music Suite inclusive of the M50 (Digital Music Player), M51 (Direct digital DAC) and M52 (Digital Music Vault) is cheaper than that of the Chord MX Streamer, DAC 64 and Prima Pre Amp. 

I find that the NAD Digital Music Suite gives me more bang for my buck as I get a digital source and storage for a lesser price, where as on the other hand I'd get only a streamer, dac and a pre amp which makes me rely on my computer as a source. 

Is the extra price worth the performace the Chord products provide or is investing in the NAD Digital Musice Suite the right way to go?

Please advise and many thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,

Gokul Ramesh.

PS: I listen to a lot of Indian fusion, unplugged, pop, R&B, and mainstream ost's mainly, but also wish to explore other genres of music. Just thought i should let you know the kind of music I listen to, if it is at all helpful in the decsion making process. 

Bill B
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1.  Don't listen to me, since I have no direct experience of the NAD or Chord products. 

2.  But since the NAD components are so well reviewed and have more functionality, I would go with that, especially since the digital music world is so fluid. The digital components will be outdated way way faster than other components, such as those cool KEF's, which you will enjoy forever. 

Gokul Ramesh
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Last seen: 3 years 8 months ago
Joined: Feb 21 2014 - 1:38pm
Point taken Bill, thanks a

Point taken Bill, thanks a lot for your opinion. Will keep that in mind while i have to make the decision.

Thanks again.

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