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NAD C542 Experience??

Hi all,

I am looking at the NAD C542 CD player. Does anybody have any experience with this player they could share? I don't see a Stereophile review. I am also considering the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C v2, but that goes for about $100 more than the NAD. Only difference I see is that the Cambridge has two DAC's instead of one. Not sure that is worth $100. This would be my first purchase from either company so I would appreciate any experiences you may have.



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Re: NAD C542 Experience??

I don't have a great deal of experience with the C542, but I have heard it. I recently bought a C525BEE and absolutely love it. NAD make some excellent products and the C542 is definitely worth hearing.

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Re: NAD C542 Experience??

Hi Bob,

I don't have a NAD C542 but have used a NAD C541i the model preceeeding it for 4 years or so as my back up player.

It is a fine machine, solidly built and sounds especially good on HDCD disks. It sounds lively, deep and solid bass, a liquid but sometimes dark midrange with clear and extended detailed highs.


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