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Mystery Jazz Disk!

I recently picked up a jazz lp, but I don't know who it is!

I'm hoping some of the following info might ring a bell with someone far more conversant in these things than I am:

This is a sample disk from JVC. Nothing filled in on the label, nothing on the cover other than a sticker that reads, "Sample Disk, A-1 B-1".

Trail-off vinyl contains "D/DMS-4003-A1" followed by what looks like "JG" (this is stylized on the vinyl, looks like the J rolls into the G sort of) with a heart symbol and "J.V.C." that is all hand etched. then there is "H 1 1 1" stamped.

The other side is exactly the same except instead of A1 it's B1.

There aren't any vocals, there are four tracks on each side (all different), sounds like a trumpet, piano, upright bass, drums and whoever this group of folks is, they can wail. Good sounding disk.

The vinyl is the kind you can see through when held up to a light.


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