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My thoughts on the Fosi Audio BT20a Pro - budget HiFi amplifier with Bluetooth functionality

After quite a long search, reading and watching reviews, I think I found a solution to my case, namely to find an amplifier that is both new, does not take up much space, is in the price range of 100-150 USD and Bluetooth connectivity is available. I settled on the Fosi Audio BT20a Pro and to be honest I’m very pleased.
Most of the “newbies” in audio, to which I belong, do not immediately decide to spend an amount of 1500-2000 USD for equipment, for various reasons. After looking through a number of listings on websites and Facebook groups, I was unable to find anything that fit my budget and met my criteria until I came across a YouTube clip comparing two amplifiers - the Fosi Audio BT20a Pro and its competitor from another brand. I was skeptical at first, after all, it is a Chinese manufacturer, that is, the delivery will take a long time, the quality may be low, etc. I decided anyway and ordered it. I was surprised by the delivery time, which was about 4-5 working days. I also liked the stylish metal finish, as well as the eye-pleasing volume controls. The BT20A Pro embodies sleek and modern aesthetics, with an all-metal chassis with a brushed aluminum finish. This design not only looks stunning but also assures durability. The front panel showcases a minimalistic layout with a power button, a volume knob and bass and treble controls.
Connecting the amp was easy even for a novice like me. Everything is clearly marked on the rear panel, with the amplifier having the ability to work connected via an RCA cable as well as via Bluetooth. In the box, in addition to the amplifier, power supply and power cable, there were also gift connectors of the “banana plugs” type, which made it even easier for me.
I personally use TIDAL, and in the cable version I use my laptop as a source, and I connect my phone via Bluetooth. I was skeptical about the sound quality, but apparently the 5.0 technology works well because the difference between the quality when using the two sources is negligible. However, I recommend connecting the amplifier with your laptop through the
Overall, I’m very impressed with the unit - it doesn’t get hot or prevent it from staying on all the time, takes up very little space, and at least with my setup I can listen to music and watch movies from the laptop without having to turn it on and off every time the amplifier. The sound quality is much better than my previous amp which was part of a multi-component system. The speakers reproduce a much cleaner sound, the dynamics are better, the bass is much cleaner. One of the main pluses is that there is no annoying static noise, which after replacing my old amplifier with the Fosi Audio one disappeared. What truly sets the Fosi Audio BT20A Pro apart is its remarkable audio performance. With 300 watts per channel, it delivers a powerful and pristine sound that is very pleasant for my ears. Whether you’re immersing yourself in music, enjoying a movie night, or gaming, this amplifier consistently reproduces sound with depth, clarity, and accuracy. It gracefully handles a wide spectrum of audio frequencies, ensuring that every note and sound effect is crystal clear. This essentially means that you can enjoy multiple genres of music, and all the details will be remarkably well presented.
In my opinion, in this budget class, considering the level of build quality it offers, this Fosi Audio BT20A Pro amplifier is an absolute winner. For the money, I can’t see anything better for someone new to the audio world. I’m thinking of getting a DAC of this brand as well, I’ll share my impressions when I do. In summary, this Fosi Audio BT20A Pro amplifier is a standout product in the world of audio. Its combination of impressive sound quality, versatile connectivity options, user-friendly design, and affordability make it an excellent choice for both audio enthusiasts and casual users alike. Whether you’re a music lover, movie buff, or gamer, this amplifier will elevate your audio experience to new heights. Fosi Audio has certainly delivered a winner with this amplifier, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and high-quality audio amplifier that will not break the bank. In my own personal experience, it has been such a pleasure to finally be able to hear my speakers to the maximum of their ability. It has been a very worthy upgrade to my system.

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