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My solution to ac plugs so tight in power strips or conditioners you can't pull out.

Some outlets used in strips and conditioners are so tight or in difficult to reach
places with 2 or 3 of your fingers, that it can be damn near impossible to pull them
out. And, we may not want to turn off strip or pwr conditioner and power down
everything else running off of them. I often find myself laying on the floor outstretched arm pulling on plug (not cord) without success. Usually the plug
will lift up about 1/8" or 3/16" or a little more. It dawned on me I could lift the plug
gently out by leverage without turning power off if I had a non-conductive small
flat screw-driver-like bar. But what. Ah! Perfect the fat hard rubber/plastic? tire
tool for my racing bike tires. It is strong enough, non-conductive, and flattens
out nicely to about 3/8". Used gently under live plug works like a charm.
Of course any other similar non-conductive tool would also work. Keep your
fingers away from blades of plug however!

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That actually doesn’t solve

That actually doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is micro arcing that produces noise. Micro arcing is produced when the surfaces of the power cord prongs are not absolutely flat. Microscopically the metal surfaces have pits that create small electrical sparks. The best way to reduce or eliminate micro arcing is to clean all electrical contact surface - then apply a very thin layer of silver bearing contact enhancer or Graphene bearing contact enhancer.

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