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My car stereo was actually trying to tell me something...


I ain't much for car audio, but my POS '99 Intrepid with the "Infinity" sound system can really take hold of a rare CD and image the heck out of it.

Moonlight Mile on the House of Blues "Paint It Blue" CD is amazing.

The damn car also does a killer rendition of Moondance and rules the road with Nick Drake vocals...go figure!

Anyway, I was supposed to drive from Vegas to Reno (439 miles) Friday night to try and manage some maternal health issues, but I got turned around by snow just under half way, so I tried again Saturday morning.

Got off to a good start, made it through the new King Missile III disc, an old Bruce Cockburn visit to New Orleans, the first Strokes disc, and had made it to James McMurtry's Live in '03 disc.

The car does McMurtry well, too.

I guess the speakers just catch some part of the midrange that makes for a nice dashboard imaging area that captivates me.

So, around 160 miles into my journey, James stopped imaging so well. He actually changed to what I would call "thin sounding" as a knee-jerk description. It actually made me reach for my three channel "equalizer!"

I went through about 6 cuts on the disc trying to spiff him up.

Just couldn't get him sounding right, though, and as I looked back to the two lane blacktop after my twentieth trip to the controls in the preceding half an hour, a red battery shaped light on my dash turned on.


Now it was time to look over the owner's manual...dash icon number 20..."voltage light"....

Jeff Wong
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Re: My car stereo was actually trying to tell me something...

Holy moley, what an amazing tale. There was a lack of true tension since you lived to tell it... but, I was fully engrossed. I'm just glad the cop didn't beat you into submission. Welcome back!

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Re: My car stereo was actually trying to tell me something...

Man, talk about your bad days! That sounds like something from a comedic movie.

You probably tossed a belt, lost your alternator and ran off the battery until it went flat. If the belt didn't come off from a bad idler bearing or something along those lines, it shouldn't be an expensive fix. Car makers finally got smart and stopped using the same belt to turn the water pump or you would have been on quadruple secret financial probation with the wife.

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Re: My car stereo was actually trying to tell me something...

That's a great little story you got there Buddha and I'm quite glad that everything turned out all right and that you took the time to write it all down.

Just taking a few moments and writing it down will help to down a bad day well worth forgetting into a day (or at least a story) worth remembering.

Thanks for sharing.

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