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Musichall cueing accuracy poor!

My MMF-5 has always from day one had terrible cueing accuracy. Is there anything that can be done about it? I love the table, and it sounds great with my V15 Type 3, but the cueing is really bad. It seems to drift the most when cued up. Any suggestions? The table is level, and the V15 is passing all the tracks on the Shure obstacle test record at 1 gram. I get no audible mistracking at all. perhaps it does have something to do with the Anti-skate pulling the arm outward. I will try to post a photo of the anti skate weight tomorrow. The little cue platform under the arm looks perfectly perpendicular to the plinth. I see nothing at all wrong. It seems to drop down pretty well, but the up motion is where it moves out from the records center. I never tried the Goldring cartridge. I have since sold it. As long as the arm is correctly setup, I'm not sure I understand what difference that would make. I will post images tomorrow. I may also give Roy a call as well. The tracking weight was setup using the Shure gauge so it should be pretty accurate. Yes, the antiskate weight does always float above the plinth. Thanks again.

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Re: Musichall cueing accuracy poor!

I have the MMF5 and see the same thing. When I cue down the stylus seems to go right where it's pointed. However. when I cue up the whole arm seems to consistently move to the right. I don't think it affects the sound but can be a litle annoying at times. I just live with it as the sound quality is worth the pain.

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Re: Musichall cueing accuracy poor!

You can slowly depress the cue lever, instead of throwing it down to cue, so that the tonearm is always on the cue rest while it's lowered. You can also drop the VTA on the cart so that it rides much closer to the disc when the cue is raised.

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