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MusicGiants - Not quite ready for primetime

Just wanted to share my experience with using the MusicGiants service with my follow forum members.

MusicGiants is an online music service offering high quality downloads in Windows Media Lossless Audio format with digital rights management, or wma with DRM for short, for a reasonable price (about $1.29 per song). The service is about six month old. The client software download is free but the initial membership fee is $50 which is credited to one's account and goes to pay for future downloads.

Besides the basic fact that a Windows media file with or without DRM will not play on an iPod, the service has many other things going against it. Here's my list:

1) Lack of a decent search engine.

2) No way to search for new additions to the site's catalog.

3) No way to search by label.

4) Double listing of entries. For example they list the Miles Davis releases under Davis, Miles and Miles Davis.

5) Lack of releases by smaller, independent labels and lack of complete catalogs by the major labels.

6) Lack of new releases.

7) Lack of exclusive content.

8) Lack of a working server and on the rare occasions when the server is working it is unbelievably slow.

I have been a subscriber for over five months and have downloaded a total of one song. At the present time I cannot download to my computer at work (I get an "unknown" error) and I cannot even get the latest version of the client software to run on my home computer, which is the same basic computer that I have at work (both are Dell 4600's).

Needless to say I have asked MusicGiants for a refund. For the second time, I might add, the first time their customer service rep assured me that things would improve after the first of the year but things have not, they have only gotten worse and this time around I expect to get a full refund.

Has anyone else had any experience, good or bad, with MusicGiants?

By the way, now you know why I like sites like so much

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