Musical Fidelity AMS Primo line preamplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn, Cobra, Castellon turntable, tonearm, stand, Graham Engineering Phantom II tonearm; Montegiro Lusso turntable, SME 309 & DaVinci Nobile tonearms; Lyra Titan i, Transfiguration Orpheus, Ortofon A90, MySonic Eminence EX cartridges.
Digital Sources: Camelot Technology Round Table DVD player with digital input Anagram Technologies DAC, BPT-modified Alesis Masterlink hard-disk recorder, Sooloos music server.
Preamplification: Manley Steelhead, Einstein Turntable's Choice, Boulder 1008, AMR PH77 phono preamplifiers; darTZeel NHB-18NS preamplifier.
Power Amplifier: Musical Fidelity Titan.
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Specialties MAXX 3.
Cables: Phono: Graham/Hovland MG2 Music Groove. Interconnect: ZenSati. Speaker: TARA Labs Omega Gold. AC: TARA Labs The One Cobalt, Shunyata Research King Cobra Helix CX.
Accessories: Shunyata Research V-Ray II Reference, Audience Adept, TARA Labs Power Screen power conditioners; Oyaide AC wall box & receptacles; ASC Tube Traps, RPG BAD & Abffusor panels; Finite Elemente Pagode, HRS SXR stands; Symposium Rollerblocks; Audiodharma Cable Cooker; Furutech DeMag & deStat LP treatments; VPI HW-17F, Loricraft PRC4 Deluxe, Spin Clean record-cleaning machines.—Michael Fremer

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