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Music Honors Series - Question for JA

When I read through the May issue, I gave only casual attention to Robert Baird's column entitled, "A Change is Gonna Come?". I'm not that much offended by digressions into political rhetoric and I left the article only with a mental note to look for more information about Branford Marsalis' forthcoming recordings as another potential source for musically and sonically good stuff. Your July issue response, John, to a letter from a reader in Ohio led me to re-read the piece.

You say, "The article concerned Branford Marsalis' attempts to do something via his new recordings about the catastrophe that continues in New Orleans." Even after a careful re-reading of the article I find no connection between the sale of those recordings and the rehabilitation of New Orleans. It seems clear that Branford is involved in some fund raising efforts to that end but those are apart from the recordings - at least as they're presented in the article.

What is it, that I've missed, which you expect to be done via the new recordings to benefit anyone apart from Branford and the other contributors to the recording project?

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