Music Hall Marimba loudspeaker Review System

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I began my serious listening with the Marimbas mated to PSB's SubSeries 1 subwoofer and driven by NAD's C316 BEE integrated amplifier. I played mostly CDs using NAD's recently discontinued C515 BEE CD player. (A sample of the replacement model, the C516 BEE, arrived at our office in late February; look for my review sometime this summer.) Lengths of Kimber Kable 8VS speaker cable connected amp to sub, while longer runs of QED X-Tube 400 Signature connected sub to speakers; interconnects were Kimber PBJ.—Stephen Mejias

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Speaking of Epos and Roy Hall is anyone EVER going to review the new Elan speakers from Epos?  

They just don't seem to be getting any traction at all, which is a shame.  I trust the Epos brand and on paper they look great.