Music Hall: Long Live Black Discs!

More than a decade ago, I reviewed Music Hall's first turntable, and not only did it play way better than it should for its price; but it felt distinctly like what would surely become the forefather of long bloodline of musical, high-value record players; and it did. The newest, youngest, and most attractive of them all, the MMF 7.3 looks like a new stud breeding horse and a super value for it $1595 price.

It sports a carbon-fiber tonearm and comes ready to play with an Ortofon 2M Bronze moving-magnet cartridge with a nude fine-line stylus. It is a two-speed—where's my 78?—belt-driven model that employs Music Hall's signature "dual-plinth" construction. At $1595, the MMF 7.3 has lots of competition for Triple Crown status, but I am looking forward to checking it out at greater length in my Bed Stuy paddock.