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Music Hall A25.2 - Monitor Audio Silver RS6 ?

I've just purchased a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers. Now I'm trying to pick a cheap integrated amplifier (my budget is around 500US). At first, I thought I would go for the NAD C352 but since I may not need much power, my local store recommended the NAD 325BEE (or even the old 320BEE). Arcam also has the reputation to pair well with Monitor Audio and I'm considering the Diva A65 (in fact, I was only able to try my speakers with the A80 so far and it sounded good to my unexperienced ears). Another match could be the Cambridge Audio 640A.
Browsing the web, I've come accross the Music Hall A25.2 and it looks like the front-runner now. I'm just wondering if it would go together well with my "english" speakers.
I know that it's a matter of personnal taste and that nothing replaces listening but I could use your expert opinion here. Would a Music Hall A25.2 - Monitor Audio Silver RS6 sound like an acceptable combination? If not, which (very) cheap amplifier would you recommend? And how would the Outlaw Audio RR2159 receiver rate compared to the aforementionned amplifiers? I'm not an audiophile and I listen to every kind of music: classical, jazz, rock, pop, electro, world music...
Thks for the advice.

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Re: Music Hall A25.2 - Monitor Audio Silver RS6 ?

I would highly suggest the 25.2, but I would also factor in:
50 watts @ 8 ohms & no tone controls. If you have a large room & like to listen really loud, 50 watts might fall short. I have paired my 25.2 with Focal and Wharfedale speakers; and have been very pleased with the results. Do you have a chance to demo anywhere around your area? If not I would suggest a retailer like MusicDirect or AudioAdvisor which carry a 30 day money back guarantee. -Z

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Re: Music Hall A25.2 - Monitor Audio Silver RS6 ?

Z makes some very good points regarding room size, power and no tone controls.

I, too, have a Music Hall A25.2 along with matching cd player and tuner. When I first purchased this system I also bought the Epos M12.2 bookshelf speakers. I upgraded to the Epos ELS-303 (a smaller floorstander). What I like about the A25.2 is its' even need for tone controls. Although, if you are looking for a very heavy bass you will have to swap out the opamps - that's another discussion, though.

Just recently Epos (a British loudspeaker that is distributed by Music Hall)came out with a 4 Ohm loudspeaker that was recommended for use with the A25.2. Beings your Monitor is a 6 Ohm, 2 way similar to the Epos there should be no problem driving them.

The room that I have the MH set-up in is 10x14 and it does a fine job. I highly recommend the 25.2 system and it should work well with the Monitors.

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