MSB Technology Platinum Data CD IV transport & Diamond DAC IV & D/A converter Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: Apple MacBook Pro computer (2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD) running OS 10.6.7, iTunes 10.6, Sonic Studio Amarra 2.3, Songbird 1.9.3, XLD; Western Digital NAS Device (2TB); Oppo BDP-83 universal Blu-ray player; Meridian (formerly Sooloos) Digital Media System (Control 15, 3 TwinStores); Apple iPad 2, 3; Apple iPod Touch 1G; Ayre Acoustics QB9, Benchmark DAC1 USB, dCS Debussy digital processors.
Preamplifier: Marantz AV7005 (Pure Direct mode).
Power Amplifier: Classé CAM 350 monoblocks (2).
Loudspeakers: MartinLogan Prodigy & Descent subwoofers (2).
Cables: USB: Cardas Clear. S/PDIF: Cardas Neutral Reference, XLO S/PDIF. Speaker: Kimber Kable BiFocal XL. Line level: various Kimber Kable, XLO HT Pro.
Accessories: Dedicated 20A line (amplifiers), separate dedicated 15A lines (digital & analog components).—Jon Iverson

MSB Technology Corporation
5601 Freedom Blvd.
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 662-2800

earwaxxer's picture

I have had the MSB Link DAC lll for some 15yrs or so, and I have always wanted to buy another MSB product, but man, they dont make it easy for us mere mortals! It would be great if they would trickle some of that down, but it appears they dont need to do that. Its cool reading about it though!

mpanwar's picture

Nice article but stop being sexist! Why refer to audiophiles as 'he'.

Dr.Kamiya's picture

I'm sure no sexism was involved, just plain old English at work. The use of "he" when referring to a person of unknown gender has been taught as a general rule of the English language since the 1800s.

It's considered good grammatic form to use the male pronoun when referring to anyone in general, oftentimes refered to as the "generic he."

"All men are created equal."

"Man cannot live on bread alone."

And so on.

michael123's picture

Why would you want it?

The device does not stand to its price - see DAC202 to understand how the device shall behave.


I like the ending summary - "In most ways" :)


earwaxxer's picture

The Weiss DAC202? That is old school junk compared to the this MSB rig!

our martin's picture

How does this compare to say the sabre 32 dac chips in the krell evolution 707 or cypher? 

Metalingus's picture

This makes no sense, apart from the choice of filters this MSB DAC is objectively worse than their cheapest Analog DAC.