MSB M500 Monoblocks, Magico M6 Speakers, and Analysis Plus Cables

When I entered the MSB room, a track from the JVC XRCD version of Sonny Rollins's Rollins Plays for Bird was transmitting all of the recording's smooth, warm, and sophisticated elegance. That last word isn't one I use often when describing high-end systems, but that's exactly what I experienced here.

Although some obvious room-associated challenges affected the sound from baroque violinist Rachel Podger's Channel Classics SACD Perla Barocca, the sound was smooth, warm, spacious and quite grounded in the earth. Podger's violin, in particular, sounded especially beautiful.

MSB's Vince Galbo told me that the new M500 monoblock power amplifiers ($118,500/pair, and probably available in August) output 500Wpc into 8 ohms and 1000Wpc into 4. Available in either silver or black, this replacement for the cylindrical M204 amp is said to have a lower noise floor; it uses zero negative feedback and boasts a 134dB dynamic range. A stereo version ($58,000) is also on the way.

In a system with the MSB Select DAC with Femto 33 Clock and Mono Power Bases ($116,000 total), Select transport with Select Power Base ($41,000), Magico M6 speakers, and Analysis Plus Golden Oval cabling plus Ultimate Oval Power Cords, the sound was as excellent as I have come to expect from MSB.