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MQA disaster

Stereophile & Jim Austin !!!!

MQA seems now to be no more than a modern day version of good old MP3.
Rather than 'suggest' & not so subtlety try to undermine GoldenSounds very revealing findings on Youtube over the failings of MQA, will you please meet this head on & for the sake of 'us good old readers' PLEASE find a way to test/measure & give a definitive answer to the MQA debacle...... The company certainly don't seem too keen on answering anything.
Straight questions, straight answers.
If the best a company can do is to pay for & rely on flowery, romantic articles... Well... Question answered then I think !

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GoldenSounds is not the only

GoldenSounds is not the only one that has issues with MQA. Some in the recording profession have indicated their objection too. If I recall, there are articles in several print and online audio publications discussing MQA, including this publication.

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