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mp3 in your phone

I use blackberry
This is a fantastic source not only an entry level

You can easy demostrate this in this way:
Connect by usb interface to a teac wap 5000
Then it's all to connect to your amplifier with a quality notnoted to all

But not only
If you connect the optical out to a quality external dac as an harmony costing 600 euro you got mp3 at quality level of a 1500 euro cd player running with the original cd player
Not only

If you. Connect by usb to the wap terminal a memory with wav files you get with the saame external dac a quality you never heard befor at any cd player level, or perhaps like the top of meridian

Pleas test it before give opinion

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Re: mp3 in your phone

My zip drive with a wav on it has you beat and it only cost $10.

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