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MP3 Headphones

Good day. I’m new here and this is my first post. I’m probably the black sheep here as you’ll understand below but I needed advise from those who know. I’m not a technical audiophile—largely due to budget constraints—but I do like to have a good quality sound to my music. I do have an extensive music library and like many of the past couple decades it is comprised of digital files in the mp3 format. Ki can hear you all groaning right now but hear me out. I have started doing some reading on various new headphones coming out and despite the great claims (and extraordinarily high price tag) I thinking that there’s a limit of audio definition with respect to mp3 files that falls significantly lower than what these new headphones are capable of. Basically I’m looking for some guidance as to where the audio profile of mp3 files matches the capabilities of any one particular headphone. I don’t want to pay for technology that I can’t use but still have the best sound for what I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hope this helps.

Hi I'm new here , my first comment. Sorry if I'm a bit late with your query. But if I'm not then , Nothing wrong with mp3 files , better if in the 360 highest code. Mp3 files But I'm using them on all my audio players in Bluetooth & wired modes. Either speakers or iems , or full size headphones. With and without portable amps. So if you're still looking .....I use most of the Grado headphones, Sennheiser Hd range. 569, 580, 600 , etc and even the closed back Focal Elegia. All good . So what did you end up with .

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