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Mozart's Birthday


Ol' Wolfgang's 250th birthday was yesterday.

That called for a little champagne and Eine Kleine Nacht Music, then Karl Bohm's 35-41 Berlin Philharmonics on Deutsche Grammophon.

I really like Bohm. I don't know if his name is hailed or is anathema, but I have a soft spot for him.

Part of it may be that back in the day, I just automatically associated enjoyable classical tunes with the black and yellow of DG LP's, so when I see that sort of cover, perhaps I get less critical.

We ended the evening with String Quartets 14 - 23 by Gerhard Schulz.

We also sat around with my father in law chatting about how Ben Franklin's 300th birthday went by, yet he seemed in our minds to have existed in a post-Mozart world.

250 years didn't seem all that long, but 300 did. Go figure. Everyone I asked about this yesterday either said that they thought Mozart predated Franklin or said, "Who cares? Get back to work."

*Listened on some Acoustat 2+2's which really can fill a room with air and the aura that takes place 'around' the performance.

Haven't got the location dialed in, but they seem an easy load for the KAV-3001. Two thumbs up.

Then my ADD lead me to start thinking about many older speakers and how they might sound mated to amplification of more recent vintage. Just like old LP's having a wealth of positive attributes just waiting to be unearthed by modern record playing systems, perhaps the same is true of vintage speakers and modern amps!

So, soon my vintage '79 (or was it '80) AR 90 'stack' will be resurrected...


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